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Eye Cream
With Seaweed Collagen & Royal Jelly.


For the special and sensitive area around the eyes of the 45+ age we created a new cream  eyes. 

Stronger doses of its ingredients are unsurpassed and supplemented Sea Collagen this cream was designed to enhance the elasticity, firmness and durability of the sensitive area around the eyes in order to ease deep wrinkles, eliminate black circles and pouches, and strengthen the skin from relaxation especially in older age groups.

Royal Jelly contains B vitamins, minerals (K, CA, NA, Zn, Fe, Mn etc.) necessary for the regeneration of tissues.

The Sea Collagen, is localized to specific fish species, and is extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis. It is rich in amino acids, resulting in the recovery of elastin and skin collagen. 

Use: ''Swim "morning and evening with gentle movements in the area under the eyes.

Other Usage:  Use it as well eye mask leaving it for 20 seconds and then removing it.

Caution: If we feel irritation simply means we put the cream   very close to the eyes. Gently cleanse the irritation site by removing a little cream.

Ingredients: Avocado Butter, Hazelnut Oil, Royal Jelly, Honey, Vitamin E, Seaweed Collagen.


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