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Flowers are produced from the nectar of flowers and contain pollen from many plants in varying proportions. Their physicochemical and therapeutic properties as well as their color vary according to the nectar of the bee-carrying plants in the hive. Typically, no type of pollen does not exceed the limit above which it could give a pure character to that honey.

The flowering: it is the "sweet" of the honey in Greece has a gentle taste characterized by a balanced flower bouquet of flowers helps the good functioning of the digestion helps in the proper development of the children gives energy and resistance regulates the intestinal function enhances the function of the liver.

It is characterized by a balanced flower bouquet of flowers. It is a gentle honey that turns to almost white when it crystallizes. It can be used in herbal tea, toast and pastries and pastries.

Place of collection: Areas: Viotia - Karya, Domokos

Crystallizes usually 4-6 months after collection.


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