They are  natural product with Greek honey, Kranbery, Hippophaes, Pollen and Royal Jelly. Without preservatives or other additives.

Kranbery: offers rich nutrients - mainly antioxidants - that protect our body from cancer, strengthen the heart and prevent urinary tract infections. Comply with the sweet-tasting flavor of Cranberry, integrate them into your diet and get multiple benefits from beneficial action. 

Hippophaes: Its ancient Greek name is a question. Still, the orange peppers and leaves of this barbed shrub have proved to be a "dietary dynamite".

Contains more vitamin C from strawberry, kiwi, orange, tomato, carrot and jelly. Also, its vitamin E content is higher than that of wheat, corn and soybeans and that the phytosterols contained in it far outweigh those of soybean oil. In addition, it has all B vitamins and all the essential minerals and trace elements for the body. And not only that. It offers the body unsaturated fatty acids such as: ω-3, ω-6, ω-7 and ω-9. It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and healing action.


Pollen: Pollen helps in mental function, strengthens the contraction of the heart and has diuretic action. It improves appetite for this and is particularly recommended for cases of weakness and weakness of the organism, poor metabolism, intestinal anomalies, psychosis and neurasthenia as well as memory loss. the condition of people who have mild allergic manifestations and helps them gain gradual resistance (immunization). Pollen is rich in kistin, an amino acid that positively affects the hair growth and color of the but also in rutin (known as vitamin R), which increases the resistance of capillaries, thus protecting the body from cerebral haemorrhage. Also, this complete natural food has a beneficial effect on the prostate and at the same time it moderates and significantly reduces the problems of the menopause.


-Royal jelly: helps in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It helps the aged and aggravated horror, while it also finds great application in pediatrics by helping children with anemia, pneumonia, bacterial infections etc. It improves the general mood, increases the ability to work, appetite and helps people to gain more mental and physical strength. It has microbicidal and antiseptic properties while it contributes significantly to women in post-natal milk production and helps men to improve their sexual life.




it is appropriate:

·                     For lovers of natural nutrition

·                     For those who are sporting (sports, championship)

·                     For those who need extra stimulation due to long work or study

·                     For those who want to replace the various sweets by regulating their metabolism.

Ways of use

·                     With plain spoonfuls

·                     As spread (spread)

·                     In yoghurt

·                     Salads / fruit salads

·                     In tea and various herbal teas

·                     In imaginative gourmet

Stir before use.






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