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Type of Wine
Red dry

Variety composition
100% Mucharoo

Origin of grapes
Valley of Muses on the slopes of Helicon

Harmony of flavors
Honey or lamb dishes, pasta with red sauces, olives, hard yellow cheeses.

- Gold medal at Berliner Wein Trophy 2010, Berlin
- Gold medal at the 3rd Organic Grape Competition of DIO, in 2007
- Silver medal at the International Wine Challenge 2009 competition
- Silver medal at the 2nd Organic Grape Competition of DIO, in 2005


Organoleptic characteristics
Deep purple color, with aromas of mature red fruits and spices, full body, soft tannins and accented acidity. It has the potential to aged for at least ten years and to develop an even more complex character. A unique wine exclusively from Mucharoo, a variety that exists only in the Valley of the Muses.

Alcoholic number

Ground inclination

Production per stump
1.5 kg / stem

Royat Double Vine Formation System,
pruning on 2 eyes, green vintage, large leaf surface.

13-day extraction with a fermentation temperature of 24-26 ° C

10 months in Ermitage, Radoux and Berthomieu French oak barrels, medium and medium plus, burned by the Allier and Never forests. 20% is aged in new 225 liter barrels, while the remaining 80% is in two and three year old barrels.

Muchotaro is a rare indigenous variety, which we managed to show through the old grandfather's vineyards. The impressive thing is that this difficult variety managed to survive for many years in vines dating back before the outbreak of phylloxera.

Type of Wine
Red dry

Serving temperature
16-18 ° C



  • Business Name Mousses Estate
  • Vendor: Mousses Estate
  • Address: Askris
    Central Greece
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