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Ouzo Vithos is an innovative product that combines taste, respect for tradition as well as advanced know-how. Delicate and enjoyable, it promises a tasty, perfumed experience, beneficial due to its ingredients.


Ouzo Bottom

It is dynamically launched through an original series of bottles with 6 different labels depicting the richness of the Bottom and underlining the perfect flavor with appetizers of similar flavor: salty, acidic, spicy, fried: sausage salad, grilled sardines, crumbs, lobster, chicory, fried cheese ...

·   Surprise  

·   The unexpected

·   Different

govern the moment of enjoyment of the Ouzo Vithos. 


Excellency at points

1. Our secret recipe is basedin the passion, knowledge and long tradition of the family, a wealth of knowledge from which the unique proportions of the quality ingredients of Ouzo Bottom. The water softens pthe slopes of Mount Helikonas. The anise, known for its analgesic and digestive properties, is collected from the villages of Evia, under the guidance of the experts of the distillery, so that the fruit is as fresh as possible to yield the most qualitative characteristics. Fennel, a sacred herb of antiquity, works beneficial in combination with anise. T.the aromatic profile complements the notes of mastic, kakoule and cardamom, a natural anti-depressant and a stimulant of memory and appetite.



2. Distillation takes place in traditional handmade copper nuggets, the only suitable method of production that gives distillate its distinctive character. Alcohol passes through the distillation process to flavor herbs and fruits of the recipe. Intensive checks are carried out at all stages of the production process to ensure quality. 


  • Business Name Lost Lake Distillery
  • Vendor: Lost Lake Distillery
  • Address: Petra
    Central Greece
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