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The Agricultural Cooperative Moloss Pea-Thermopylates, has been created for about seven years (17 A2011). It consists of 60 producers, whose estates are located around and within the broader estate area of ​​the Municipal District of Molos and the historic Thermopylae area, in an area of ​​approximately 1,800 acres, which extends from the coastal zone to the southern mountains at an altitude of 400 -500 meters.
In this area, about 37,000 pips of our members are planted, producing approximately 150 tons (two-year average) peanut.
The Moloss-Thermopylae Pea, has all the necessary safety certificates (Agro 2.1 & 2.2, GLOBALGAP, ISO: 22000/2005),  which  make it a high quality product.  Furthermore  we have the certification of OPEEGEP as a PDO product. (Protected Designation of Origin), as Pineapple Pistachio Fthiotida.

Through Integrated Cultivation Management, with full traceability of the product from harvest to final sale to the consumer and analyzes of pesticide and aflatoxin residues in all our members, we ensure the crystal clearness of the product and the quality we seek so that the consumer to be absolutely sure about the pistachio he enjoys himself and his own people.
The nutritional analysis of our product showed something unprecedented in the world of pistachio: Its unsaturated fat is at 48.9% of the total net weight of the semen (crumb). The variety of pistachio cultivated by the members of our cooperative is Killarati (95%), Nyhatis (5%) and some small quantities  of a new variety of Pontikis.

From the early years of establishing the Cooperative begins and  its export activity with the first small quantities to be shipped to Italy, England and Tunisia. It was followed by the United States of America, Poland, Lebanon, Germany, Israel, Bulgaria as well as the United Arab Emirates. Reaching 2017  the export activity of the Cooperative reaches 70% of total production.

In recent years the Cooperativehas also managed to stand out in the domestic market by signing contracts with large supermarket chains.

In 2017, a great distinction came to show the roasted and salted peanuts globally. Awarded a star at GreatTasteAwards 2017 of London.


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