September Dilemma Barrel Aged Barley Wine

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Our Dilemma: Is It a Beer or Wine?
Just Barley Wine
Unpasteurized brown beer pasteurized, with bright orange shades, solid long-lasting foam
Slow maturing for 8 months in new oak French barrels, highlights the impressive aromas of biscuit, caramel, sweet bergamot in balance with vanilla and dried fruits.
Round, mouth-to-mouth, greatly conceals high alcohol (10.40% v / v) and 75 degrees of bitterness with its sweet and savory flavor. The long-lasting aromatic aftertaste completes a unique tasting experience.
A beer that escapes from the standard, travels you to new dining horizons and you can enjoy it directly or, if you have patience, after aging for 2-3 years in the bottle.

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