Trachanas sweet handmade

Try this small treasure of Greek cuisine, enjoying the flavor of fresh milk and wheat, either as an accompaniment to a main meal or as a breakfast.


Dardouma Family is a model family pasta laboratory, which produces a wide variety of handmade starch and pasta. The production and standardization site is based in Southern Evia, Central Greece.

Although founded in 2008, Dardouma Family has 100 years of experience in handmade pasta. The tradition has passed from generation to generation and today the dream of Grandma Maria is represented by the brothers John & Evangelos Mallios.

The lab is a visiting gastronomic area that promotes Greek & local flavors. Visitors have the opportunity to experience unique gastronomic experiences that appeal directly to the senses: they can taste, smell, touch the produced product, "dirty" their hands !!

In keeping with the Mediterranean diet, the brothers provide respect for the modern consumer, meals of high nutritional value released from preservatives, pigments and flavors. Production is strictly controlled at all stages, applying the food safety standard.
Dardouma Family's unique goal of providing high-quality, greek cooking!

The series of handcrafted trachees is an example of gastronomic wealth where creativity is necessary and the coupling of yesterday with the present necessity!


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