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Elegant, crystal clear and lively tsipouro with a long aftertaste.


The village of Setta, in the mountainous Dirfy, where the water used in the production process comes from, gives its name to this easy and modern distillate of the Spyropoulos family from Evia. The careful selection of Sabatian marrows, or White Kuddoura as they are called in the area, their direct transfer to the distillery and the masterful distillation, create a tsipouro with a purity of taste that can easily take a seat at the Greek table.

Its color is transparent, with generous aromas of bitterness, freshly cut grass, mint and dried flowers. Warm in the mouth, with a lot of vegetable notes on a mature fruit background, which puts them in a spicy aftertaste that lasts. Enjoy it with sausages, cold cuts, aged cheeses, peppers of Florina, fish on grill, roasted squid, salted, olives, and any other meals you want.


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