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Stylish distillate with expressive aromas and rich chocolate flavor.


The love, the love for the tsipouro and the insistence of the Spyropoulos Family from Evia, created this old-fashioned refined distillate with expressive aromas and rich chocolate flavor. The excellent raw material, the source of water from the Dirfy Mountains, the fermentation at controlled temperatures and the careful distillation on copper nuggets, lead to a pure distillate, which, after maturing for a few months in oak barrels of French and American origin, it gets complex, melted and attractive character.

Its color is amber, with fruity aromas ripe and reminiscent of fruit jams and dried orange peels, and oak to dress the spice with sweet spices, vanilla, butter candy, cocoa and nuts. Its taste is rich and persistent, with the flavors of the oak tree besieging the palate and leaving a long chocolate aftertaste. Enjoy the freshness at 16 -20 ° C, accompanied by nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, rich fatty cheeses, roe but also with a sophisticated cigar.


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