September Wet Hop Amber But

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In 2012 we planted experimental hops of the Cascade variety on our estate in Evia, and in 2014 we planted the Chinook variety. The harvest of 2018 is the fifth harvest of the estate and this year the fresh hops were used on the day of the harvest, without any processing, in the creation of a new recipe: Septem Wet Hop Amber Ale.
The 2018 harvest took place in two phases, in order for the hops to be harvested to the optimum degree of maturity. The beer was re-enriched with "sparkling wine", which took off its aromatic and flavor.
Septem Wet Hop Amber Ale is characterized by amber color with orange shades, while fragrances dominate the fragrances of citrus, biscuit, caramel and sweet bergamot. The combination of malt flavor and fresh hops impresses with a sweet and balanced flavor, with a distinct presence of bitterness in the aftertaste.
Enjoy with pasta with seafood and spicy sauce and greasy food of Greek cuisine.

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