Tsipouro Zacharia without Anise

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In a growing market, such as tsipouro, Tsipouro Zacharias is being dynamically introduced as a premium product with high quality product characteristics and at the same time competitive in price.


The Tsipouro Zacharias, through the name and design style of the label, expresses classical values ​​in a modern way. The style, elegant and unobtrusive, highlights its authenticity and the substantial luxury resulting from the enjoyment of a distillate with high quality standards. 

Excellency at points

1. Raw material, from marigold varieties suitable, without thick peels, from the Mouse Estate, with the quality guarantee of the winery. Grazing purely healthy and ripe, resulting in rigorous screening (selection) at all stages of production, without spraying and fertilization for at least 2 months before harvesting.

2. The fermentation takes place in a controlled environment of temperature and oxygen, clean and odorless. The stalks are removed and the distillation follows soon after the fermentation is completed, ensuring the flavor and aromas that are otherwise altered by the contact with the air.

3. The distillation is carried out by the method of fractional-discontinuous distillation, in high quality non-waste, electronically controlled and controlled, allowing for the production of a high quality distilled product, while eliminating the undesirable substances of distillation.

The marc, are placed in the large copper distillate blast Cadalpe, of a total tonnage of 1 tonne. There, they boil at a low temperature to then drop the drop drop in a slow process, allowing us to get the most noble fragrances. During the distillation we throw the "heads" and "tails", to keep only the "heart", the part containing the most qualitative aromatic compounds. Then there is a second distillation, resulting in a high quality distillate, with a delicate and distinctive character, pure aromas, a mild sense of alcohol and a balanced flavor. The final distillate, whether fresh or flavored with anise, will remain for 3 months in a tank to stabilize and then bottled.  


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